The simple way to manage all your trials information, activities, and reports for reconciliation and billing.
Single reviewer or managing a large team?

Our secure app has been designed to help both single reviewers or large teams with several managers and reviewers.

Your data is regularly backed up and kept confidential.

All trial details in one place, including prices, reviewers and notes.

You can add trial information such as type of trial, assessment criteria, pricing, company, project manager contact information, and, in teams, assign groups of reviewers to work on each trial.

Each reviewer can add personal notes to each trial with essential reminders.

Keep a record of jobs done for each trial.

Log your work in real-time, such as timepoint review, global entry, adjudication, and trainings.

Entries are organized by month and year, and can be sorted by date, trial, job or price.

Create monthly reports based on the reviewers' entries.
Reports are automatically generated and can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets, ready for reconciliation with the project managers for each organization, and for final billing.
Or simply keep track of monthly status, either by team or by individual reviewer.
Keep track of your revenue in real-time, with status reports by project, individual team members, or group of reviewers.
Manage your trials, entries and reports on the go.
The website is fully responsive, working on most of the popular web browsers, workstations, laptops and smartphones. The website is approved by Paraxel to be used on their workstation.
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